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Worst Domain Names

Worst Domain Names

There are many bad domain names and unfortunate domain mistakes to be found out there on the Net. When you choose a domain name, basically you have a choice between a good search-related name, or a good brand name. You can read more about these issues and other domain name choices here.

There is only one thing you need to remember in all cases, though: never, ever, use a name with words run together. There has never been a time when this was correct; it isn't correct now; and it never will be the correct choice in the future. Choosing a name with the words joined up simply marks you out as a person with no technical knowledge of either computers or usability. Computers don't like words run together and neither do people. And search engine computers especially don't like them [1]. You should never use words run together, or words joined by an underscore, on a website.

All you have to do is insert dashes (aka hyphens) between the words. It's best for people and it's best for spiders (search engine bots). And it will avoid hilarious mistakes like those below, by people who were very badly advised or not advised at all. Read, laugh, and be glad it's not yours...


- bring a noseclip and your wellies
[a pop festival website in Den Hoorn, Holland]


- the police use this site to locate suspects, it's kind of like Google Maps with perps
[a therapists' directory]


- don't get on the wrong side of the Zurich manageress
[SwissBit is a European computer chip manufacturer]


- might be better suited to a baked beans wholesaler
[an art and pictures company]


- an Italian late-night TV show?
[a database of artists and agents called Who Represents]


- whatever they're selling, please send some to our address
[the website of an Italian power generator company]

- strong underwear for female astronauts
[a computer and networks company]


- well you certainly wouldn't want it done by amateurs!
[for a long time Experts Exchange, the tech knowledge site, used this domain - sensibly changed to experts-exchange.com, when an Internet expert finally joined their team]

- hmm, don't think we'll send the kids there
[the Mole Station nursery in the Australian outback - a plant nursery, that is - now redirected to molerivernursery.com]


- well, whatever floats your boat, friend, but I hope you clear up after
[a proxy IP service that for some reason went bust]


- they really know how to enjoy themselves in that congregation
[website of the Cumming, Georgia, First Methodist Church, USA, now redirected to www.cfumcga.com - the bishop must have sent an emissary to calm them down]


- take some aspirins on that holiday
[a villa rental site called Choose Spain]


- a website for male libido sedatives
[Dick's Lumber of BC, a DIY store]


- well you should smack them, then
[the Childrens' Wear store of Birmingham]


- hey, it's cruel to lock them up
[actually Les Bocages, a French tree surgeon]


- try sennapods, things go much quicker
[a pleasant scrapbooking design site]


- what a strange form of art, does Banksy do it?
[paintball shooters of Sacramento]


- NYC mag for sanitaryware dealers
[New York State Canal online magazine]


- OK, but no need to tell everyone
[US tobacco makers, Ust inc.]


- no need to be rude, I just wanted to buy a chair
[Effective Office furniture website]


- well, so do we all, and the great thing is there should be enough to go round
[Big Al's bowling center]


- sure I want an apartment in a sick building syndrome block
[O'Neill Building realty site]

- hot virtual bogeys sold here
[maybe they meant hot-vs-not]

[1] Google prefers and understands names containing multiple words in the following sequence:
1. Words separated by dashes
2. Words joined by underscores
3. Words all run together

- Matt Cutts, Q2 2009

We might have expected #2 and #3 the other way round perhaps - but either way, Google doesn't like joined-together words and now they've clearly told you so - just in case you didn't get it before :)

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