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Web Business Management

As more businesses start up or move to the web, competition gets tougher. Those that succeed find that running a web business demands a considerable time input, and even then the results are not usually optimal.

It is more efficient to have professional web business managers run your website or site group because there is no guessing to be done or trials to run in order to find the best way - this has all been done many times before. Even a large business can have results improved by 50%, and smaller businesses commonly achieve 100% or 200% revenue gains when managed professionally.

Specialist web business managers

Your expertise is in the provision of the service or supply of the product that your website provides, it is not in the management of an online business or in improving revenues. This is where professional icommerce managers can make a big difference. They do not have to continually ask questions like:
  • How should I set up the company that owns the website?
  • What are the required accounting procedures?
  • What are the legal issues in the countries we operate in?
  • Where do we need to host the site?
  • What domains should I buy?
  • What is right or wrong with my site?
  • The traffic is overloading the site and our hosts aren't delivering - what to do?
  • We spent a fortune on PPC but the returns were terrible - what is the answer?
We know the precise answers to all these questions and more because it is our daily business.

The killer time demand

The biggest problem for any successful website is the huge time demands it places on the owner. If your site succeeds, you then lose your entire life to running it.

What you need to do is walk away and get your life back. But how can that be done when you spend 8 or 10 hours a day on the site?

The answer is easy - contract with people who know how to do it far more efficiently, because the simple truth is you are probably doing almost everything wrong. How would you know which hosts are the best or the worst? What web technology to use? How to increase revenues with a 10:1 ROI on the investment? How to double your income safely and securely?

Just as you would not expect to run a plumbing business well if you don't know anything about plumbing or offline marketing, then you just cannot expect to run a web business well if you know nothing about it. Specialists do it every day and don't need to do the research, it's all been done already. You might know your own service or product well but web business and online promotion are another matter.

You need to think about allowing specialists to run the web side of the business so that you can either get your life back or move on to the next project.

Large businesses

If you are a large business owner with a web division that performs poorly, then consider putting specialists in charge instead of wagering funds piecemeal on SEO here, PPC there, and consultants when it all goes wrong. Have the job done properly.

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