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Sub-Contract SEO     

# Please note that A3webtech no longer offer SEO services except as one facet of our web business management service - this page has been archived and does not feature on main site menus #
A3webtech are an SEO agency, and we supply contract SEO services to website designers and online agencies in the UK and the USA. We can provide:
  • SEO for CMS
  • SEO for ecommerce
  • Link-building services
  • SEO for image-based websites
  • SEO for Flash websites
We are the acknowledged experts on SEO for content management systems, as you will see if you examine this site's resources.

Sub-contract SEO services are arranged so that designers and marketing agencies can provide a complete spectrum of services to their clients; and our supreme results in search optimising complement their PPC management and other services. We can provide organic search optimisation for all clients, or help with placing important clients at the top of the search engines, in the toughest markets, and where normal agency SEO provision cannot compete.

Despite the fact that we work for approximately 60% of our standard rates, sub-contracting in this way is an efficient and agreeable mode of operation for us. This is because client-consultant negotiation has been largely removed from the equation and we can simply get on with the work from day one. We save a huge amount of time (and therefore money) which is normally spent in site audits, preparing estimates, client phone calls, meetings, emails and so on.

We get all the background information that might otherwise have taken time to assemble, straight from the agency or web designers, and it saves us a lot of work.

Search Optimising for website builders

Website designers / constructors will find that they can finally offer a complete service to their clients: while they are expert at providing the best form and function, traffic and results are another matter. We look after that.

Search Optimising for Internet agencies

Online agencies normally supply a full range of services to website owners. They design, build and often host the client's website; they supply marketing solutions and often manage the entire online business process. In practice, agencies tend to emphasise the search marketing aspect rather than organic search. This is not always the case, though a common operating model. Here, we can supply the organic search expertise to complete their business services provision.

Many agencies of course supply search engine optimisation to complement their search marketing services. In other words they supply a complete solution, which encompasses the two main components of agency SEO: basic organic search and PPC management. However, there are numerous reasons why our help is found to be valuable:

1.  In general, agency-supplied organic SEO is a subsidiary process to SEM (paid search).

2. We can provide the strength in depth that is needed for success in modern organic search.
3. Our version of search optimising is far more complete than most others can supply - we are strong in the technical, on-site, usability, accessibility and on-site marketing areas.
4. We are bang up to date on what you need for top-class search results; others are still at least a year behind.
5. Agency staff cannot get the results we do. This is because search optimising at the top level is one of the most highly-skilled jobs online. Anyone can get results in weak markets, but competing against opposition who spend £50k and up per year on organic SEO takes a wealth of skill and experience.
6. If the client and the agency commit to the task, we can position at the top of the major search engines, and tune websites to deliver above and beyond expectation. That is not something many agencies can promise.

Employing an outside consultant is not an easy step for an agency to take. We both need to maintain certain standards of discretion. Our role is to beef up the organic search capability; but there is generally more to it than that. Because we see a very wide range of online businesses, our viewpoint tends to be wider than that available to many agencies. Long experience and a wide skill range allow us to contribute a little more than perhaps originally envisaged.

Our primary task, as always, is to improve the reputation of those we work with and for. Image, brand and reputation are the key to long-term success, and must be nurtured and protected; our methods centre around that requirement. We are an ethical SEO agency and only use methods that comply with search engines' terms of service, and are not fame-seekers, prefering a reliable income from supporting our partners to being a famous name. Our solutions are solid, dependable, ethical and discreet.

The SEO process

Search optimising, it has to be admitted, is not always a painless process; and sub-contract SEO is no exception. An online agency needs to take one single thing into consideration before engaging us: we improve websites. It may not be possible for us to get top results without making changes to the site. There are other factors of course such as link equity, but site tuning is needed for a holistic solution.

We have to remove those things that are causing problems - add those things that are missing - perhaps alter navigation structures - improve usability - reorganise for better accessibility - tune the marketing - add content - turn the site into a useful resource - change server configs for better operation - change the website analytics to provide a true measure of performance and errors - and a whole lot more besides. That's what we do.

We can't "just get better results" - website changes will be required. In some cases this may be mainly to code that is not seen, in others the changes may be more visible. Naturally, any changes we make are improvements; and we try to keep them as sympathetic as possible. There is no point in making changes that do not improve the results or the visitor experience.

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A website is there to make money - whatever else it does is secondary. It's not about looks or features. And SEO is not about link volume - it's about site quality, or should be. Although a site may look good, in the commercial world that isn't enough: it has to perform. We know how to make it perform.

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