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We only link to websites that we consider a useful resource, and/or whose services or products we use or found useful. If you also have a useful site then please get in touch - see foot of page.

Web Resources

Nativespace Hosting
UK hosting with good support. CMS-friendly servers and good SEO features. Correct PHP security settings, unlike vast numbers of hosts. Sensible tech features such as 10 free SQL databases on the average account (5 MySQL, 5 PostgreSQL), an excellent Control Panel, and unique IPs available. Our tip for the best UK value-account LAMP server CMS host. About 200 sites per server, so medium speed. Ecommerce supported.

1st Easy Ecommerce Hosts
One of the UK's largest ecommerce specialist hosts. Secure servers, Verisign authenticated, the best tech support available. Miva, osCommerce, and other hosted solutions. Dedicated servers from £99/month. High-quality shared hosting with an average of 60 sites per server, and fast servers as a result. Excellent security.
1st Easy Link Directory

Logaholic Web Analytics
Logaholic are the big mover in the world of stats right now: see our Statistics-2 page for why we think they are better than Google Analytics and AWstats put together. It runs on your own server, so you own the data. A very attractive one-time fee, so it won't break the bank. There are several different options including a Desktop client and a Hosted version.
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24-hour Free Website Monitoring 
Your website uptime monitored - the online status of your website checked 24/7/365 - an email sent to you if it goes down. It's free and it stops your business crashing. We recommend Mon.itor.Us for a free server monitoring service. Also a commercial service, with a good reputation.

Website Monitoring by Alertra
If you need a professional service, this one can be recommended. The basic service is first class, though there may be some specific tests that one or two others may do better (certain security tests for example). 
The world #1 CMS. The perfect example of the quality of OSS software: a combination of free and commercial resources. Over 5,000 plugins and a similar number of templates make this the most extensible CMS on the planet. Good code, the dev core team are on the case, 3PD devs are the biggest such group existing, a vast number of both free and very cheap extensions. Build an ecommerce store or a web video centre - or nearly anything else. The king of multimedia publishing tools, though not for use where good ACL is needed (version 1.6 will fix this). SEO potential is better than most other WCMS, top SERPs results are easily achievable, partly because of the high quality.

Joomla SEF URLs and metadata
The sh404 search-friendly URLs, custom metadata and security plugin is the icing on the cake for Joomla. You can have flat html page addresses, and unique page titles and descriptions. Probably the first extension you add to the CMS - everything else is secondary to this.
A high-quality open-source WCMS with excellent ACL. Rock-solid and stable under heavy load, Drupal is a first-class business CMS. SEO is not straightforward but we get global top SERPs results.
A solid commercial ecommerce solution that is secure and scalable. Unusual because it runs compiled code, and is therefore very fast and more secure. Has super-fast backend admin. Runs on the LAMP stack, has purchase or hosted options. Challenging SEO, but not a problem for experts, we get global top SERPs results.

One of the few places where art and web dev technology meet. Some fine artists can be found there, and some good devs. Argue about which of the two is more important!
Web Business Management
LP Web Development are web business managers, building high-quality CMS and ecommerce websites for their clients.

Adwords Training
On-site Adwords training courses for UK companies, and distance learning courses for US and other clients. Adwords Magic have the best PPC training resources available, and also provide Adwords management, with more than £1m annual spend currently managed.

Search Optimising Resources

We don't normally list SEO links for two reasons: there are a lot of them; and material tends to be biased toward the viewpoint of the site owner. A flat and journalistic reportage style would help, but of course it is unrealistic to expect people not to prioritise their own viewpoint or services on their own sites - we certainly do. However, in some cases there are useful 'neutral' or invaluable resources that should be referenced. We'll add to this list as and when they are encountered. See the page on banned websites for specific resources, and search engine quality guidelines.

Average SEO fees

A round-up of average SEO costs from randfish.

Link value measurement

A useful round-up of current opinion on the value of various link types from people in the know. Nothing on link strategy here, but some interesting opinions from those who specialise in this area, and other industry names.

Search engineer's blog

There is so little communication from SEs, especially on any useful technical topics, that anything provided is worth reading. In this case, Matt Cutts being the head of Google's anti-spam department, we should not ignore it.

Live Search Webmaster Center Forums
[now unfortunately defunct - excellent while it lasted]
Finally, a representative of one of the Big 3 search engines is communicating with website owners. Jeremiah Andrick,
Program Manager at LiveSearch (MSN), engages with forum users on their search problems. Go there and be suitably grateful; he has done what his competitors couldn't achieve.

How to recognise a bad SEO firm

Good advice, from the client's point of view. A good list of crazy things that ignorant pseudo-SEO people do. Many are given from a personal point of view, so they may not translate to the real world too well - it's hard to believe some of these are real. Still, anything's possible in SEO. I'd add to the list: can't rank their own website for any terms; tell you that the marketing aspect is more important; tell you that usability is a separate issue.


Here's our link:

Web Business Managers
A3webtech are web business management specialists who can take care of all aspects of your online business. Our experience means you can safely let us handle all your web business issues: planning, technology, marketing, and revenue growth.

...and the URL is:

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Please link to any page you find useful - preferably not the index page please. If you are in a related industry and have a good resource, we are happy to link back.

Web Business Managers