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Internet Country Codes   

Here are some domain name location tools, to find Internet country codes and other net codes.

Ever wondered where .tk is? Here's a list of Net codes for top level domain locations, plus extra, infrastructure, alternative, private and redundant codes.

Note that the Internet country locators are listed in alphabetical order according to domain suffix, not country: for example Switzerland is .ch (even some Swiss people don't know that the common abbreviation CH found on car number plates and so on is based on the old Latin name for the area, [Anglicised as] Confederation Helvetica).

Many countries use second-level domains such as .org.uk, .res.in -- these are not listed.

TLDs (top level domains) = country location or other main descriptor.

Restrictions = there are some registration formalities or rules to comply with. In the case of country TLDs, these are often residence or registered company qualifications. For example, here is the qualification requirement for a .de domain (Germany / Deutschland):
"Registration requires either the legal registrant / owner of the domain name or the administrative contact for the domain name have a valid German street address."

Note, though, that some domain registrars maintain a local presence and provide a 'Trustee Service', meaning that they can satisfy the registration requirements for you. This may cost around $15 per year extra.

Additional codes are lower down at the bottom.


Country Code TLDs -- ccTLDs

ad         Andorra
ae         United Arab Emirates (UAE)
af          Afghanistan
ag         Antigua & Barbuda
ai          Anguilla
al          Albania
am        Armenia
an         Netherlands Antilles
ao         Angola
aq         Antarctica                    by treaty, below 60° S
ar          Argentina
as         American Samoa
at         Austria
au         Australia
aw        Aruba
az         Azerbaidjan
ba         Bosnia-Herzegovina
bb         Barbados
bd         Bangladesh
be         Belgium
bf          Burkina Faso
bg         Bulgaria
bh         Bahrain
bi          Burundi
bj          Benin
bm         Bermuda
bn         Brunei
bo         Bolivia
br          Brazil
bs         Bahamas
bt         Bhutan
bv         Bouvet Island
bw        Botswana
by         Belarus
bz         Belize
ca         Canada                        Restrictions
cc         Cocos (Keeling) Islands
cf          Central African Republic
cd         Congo, Dem. Rep. of
cg         Congo
ch         Switzerland
ci          Ivory Coast (Cote D'Ivoire)
ck         Cook Islands
cl          Chile                             Restrictions
cm        Cameroon                       Restrictions
cn        China
co        Colombia
cr         Costa Rica
cu        Cuba
cv        Cape Verde
cx        Christmas Island
cy        Cyprus
cz        Czech Republic
de        Germany                        
dj         Djibouti
dk         Denmark
dm        Dominica
do         Dominican Republic
dz         Algeria (Dzayer)              Restrictions
ec         Ecuador
ee         Estonia                         Restrictions
eg         Egypt
eh         Western Sahara
er          Eritrea
es         Spain
et         Ethiopia
eu         European Union               Restrictions
fi          Finland
fj          Fiji
fk         Falkland Islands
fm        Micronesia
fo         Faroe Islands
fr         France                            Restrictions
fx         France metropolitan
ga        Gabon
gb        Great Britain (UK)
gd        Grenada
ge        Georgia
gf         French Guyana
gh        Ghana
gi         Gibraltar
gl         Greenland
gm       Gambia
gn        Guinea
gp        Guadeloupe
gq        Equatorial Guinea
gr        Greece
gs        S. Georgia & S. Sandwich Islands
gt        Guatemala
gu        Guam
gw       Guinea Bissau
gy        Guyana
hk        Hong Kong
hm       Heard and McDonald Islands
hn        Honduras
hr        Croatia
ht        Haiti
hu        Hungary
id         Indonesia
ie         Ireland                           Restrictions
il         Israel
in        India
io        British Indian Ocean Territory
iq        Iraq
ir        Iran
is        Iceland
it        Italy                               Restrictions
jm       Jamaica
jo        Jordan
jp        Japan
ke       Kenya
kg       Kyrgyzstan
kh       Cambodia
ki        Kiribati
km       Comoros
kn        Saint Kitts, Nevis, Anguilla
kp        North Korea
kr        South Korea
kw       Kuwait
ky       Cayman Islands
kz        Kazakhstan
la        Laos
lb        Lebanon
lc        Saint Lucia
li         Liechtenstein
lk        Sri Lanka
lr         Liberia
ls         Lesotho
lt         Lithuania
lu         Luxembourg
lv         Latvia
ly         Libya
ma        Morocco
mc        Monaco
md        Moldavia
me        Montenegro
mg        Madagascar
mh        Marshall Islands
mk        Macedonia
ml         Mali
mm       Myanmar
mn        Mongolia
mo        Macau
mp        Northern Mariana Islands
mq        Martinique
mr         Mauritania
ms        Montserrat
mt        Malta
mu        Mauritius
mv        Maldives
mw        Malawi
mx        Mexico
my        Malaysia
mz        Mozambique
na        Namibia
nc        New Caledonia
ne        Niger
nf         Norfolk Island
ng        Nigeria
ni         Nicaragua
nl         Netherlands
no        Norway                           Restrictions
np        Nepal
nr         Nauru
nu        Niue
nz        New Zealand
om       Oman
pa        Panama
pe        Peru
pf         Polynesia
pg        Papua New Guinea
ph        Philippines
pk        Pakistan
pl         Poland
pm       Saint Pierre & Miquelon
pn        Pitcairn Island
pr         Puerto Rico
ps        Palestinian territories
pt        Portugal                          Restrictions
pw       Palau
py        Paraguay
qa        Qatar
re         Reunion
ro         Romania
rs         Serbia
ru         Russian Federation
rw        Rwanda
sa        Saudi Arabia
sb        Solomon Islands
sc        Seychelles
sd        Sudan
se        Sweden
sg        Singapore
sh        Saint Helena
si         Slovenia
sj         Svalbard & Jan Mayen Islands
sk        Slovak Republic
sl         Sierra Leone
sm        San Marino
sn        Senegal
so        Somalia
sr         Suriname
st         Sao Tome & Principe
sv        El Salvador
sy        Syria
sz        Swaziland
tc        Turks and Caicos Islands
td        Chad
tf         French Southern Territories
tg        Togo
th        Thailand
tj         Tadjikistan
tk        Tokelau
tl         East Timor
tm       Turkmenistan
tn        Tunisia
to        Tonga
tr        Turkey
tt        Trinidad and Tobago
tv        Tuvalu
tw       Taiwan
tz        Tanzania
ua        Ukraine
ug        Uganda
uk        United Kingdom
um        US Minor Outlying Islands
us        United States
uy        Uruguay
uz        Uzbekistan
va        Vatican City State
vc        Saint Vincent & Grenadines
ve        Venezuela
vg        Virgin Islands (British)
vi         Virgin Islands (US)
vn        Vietnam       
vu        Vanuatu
wf        Wallis and Futuna Islands
ws        Samoa
ye        Yemen      
yt         Mayotte
yu        Yugoslavia                       now used for Serbia and Montenegro
za        South Africa
zm        Zambia
zr         Zaire
zw        Zimbabwe

This ends the
country domain name - net codes - country domains section.


New ICANN open purchase domain names

On January 22nd 2012, ICANN will start to sell TLDs for $185,000 to anyone who wants to pay and can establish a legitimate claim to the domain.

It is expected that companies and cities will be first, leading perhaps to .bbc (the UK news org) and .nice (the French city).



The 22 top-level domains @Q1 2011

.com : company/commercial - now broader
.edu : educational institutions
.gov : government institutions
.int : international organisations, e.g. Interpol
.mil : military organisations
.net : networking technologies, now broader
.org : non-profit organisations
.arpa : first ever domain, now technical use
.aero : air travel industry
.biz : business alternative to .com
.coop : co-operatives
.info : information, but open for general use
.museum : museums
.name : personal names - johnsmith.name
.pro : professionals, e.g. doctors
.asia: Asian websites
.cat : Catalan language
.jobs : employment websites
.mobi : mobile phones
.post : postal services
.tel : telecoms
.travel : travel



Original generic domains -- generic TLDs - gTLDs

The 7 original gTLDs from the 1980s.

com       Commercial
edu        Educational                 Restrictions
gov        US Government            Restrictions
int         International                Restrictions: treaty-ratified orgs only
mil         US Military                   Restrictions
net        Network                      Restrictions
org        Non-profit organisation


Subsequent newer generic domains -- gTLDs

aero             Restrictions  
cat              Catalan language sites
coop            Restrictions
info              Large numbers of spam sites due to cheap price, <$1
mobi             Sites viewable by mobile devices, only
museum        Restrictions
pro               Restrictions
travel           Restrictions

.xxx did not get approved by ICANN



Extra & redundant domain codes

arpa      Arpanet, old style -- now used for Internet infrastructure
cs         Former Czechoslovakia
nato      NATO (purged in 1996 - see hq.nato.int)
nt         Neutral Zone
su         Former USSR - Soviet Union
tp         East Timor -- redundant


Pseudo-TLDs -- pseudo top level domains

These are not official TLDs but work / worked under certain circumstances.

bitnet         a TLD from the arpanet era, now redundant, used for semi-private network
csnet         as per .bitnet
uucp          as per .bitnet
local           a local domain on certain Windows networks
internal       as per .local
onion         Tor anonymous proxy network


Alt. use domains

Unofficial use for alternative meanings. Clever; pointless; or likely to cause problems later, depending on your point of view. Use for these purposes is not normally approved.

it          For computing or Internet companies
la          For Los Angeles
tv         For television companies
me        For the narcissistic
my        ditto
nu         = 'now' in Dutch and Scandinavian languages; 'nude' in French & Portuguese
tk         Commonly used by offshore freedom-seeking sites (e.g. porn & cracked software)
us         Used by US State / local gov depts.



Alt. roots -- alt. root domains

Alternative DNS networks and ICANN alternatives, aka 'alt. roots'. Essentially, anyone can set up an alternative to the established and recognised ICANN system. However, such independent micro-networks are likely to be disorganised and unreliable; and there are often conflicts with the recognised system. These TLDs may or may not work, depending on a multitude of factors. One example, of many, is shown:


.free          non-commercial use
.fur            furry-related sites
.geek         geek sites
.glue          sites related to infrastructure
.indy          independent news
.null           miscellaneous non-commercial sites
.oss           open-source software
.parody       parodies


Private root zones -- private root domains

Some organisations operate private TLDs. These may have limited access.

An example:

.nsa           National Security Agency (USA)


Language testing TLDs -- testing domains

The IDNA TLDs are for testing, and probably temporary.
These 11 TLDs each have a word 'test' encoded in the relevant language.

.xn--0zwm56d                Simplified Chinese
.xn--11b5bs3a9aj6g         Hindi
.xn--80akhbyknj4f           Russian
.xn--9t4b11yi5a              Korean
.xn--deba0ad                 Yiddish
.xn--g6w251d                 Traditional Chinese
.xn--hgbk6aj7f53bba        Persian
.xn--hlcj6aya9esc7a        Tamil
.xn--jxalpdlp                   Greek
.xn--kgbechtv                 Arabic
.xn--zckzah                    Japanese

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