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When you ask us to quote on a project, or get involved in another way such as perhaps giving some advice on a particular topic, it always helps if you can provide some background. It's difficult for us to work in a vacuum. This is particularly true if you would like us to construct a proposal

If you can provide us with the following information, it will help us to do a better job. In some cases this information may be tentative or conditional on other factors (in the case of a brand new project, for instance); but nevertheless we would appreciate as much detail as possible. We need some background detail for optimal appreciation of the issues.

  • business background
  • project type
  • your requirements
  • timescale
  • website URL (address)
  • associated domain names, if any
  • website history
  • main web application name, eg CMS type
  • main revenue source
  • performance metrics 
    [how you measure site / business performance]
  • current traffic - visitor numbers per day / month 
    [please ignore 'hits' or 'pageviews']
  • current web host

Some idea of budgetary constraints and/or costs is helpful - for example, what are your current costs?

Web Business Managers