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Tech FAQs: more hard tech info

This is a category for general tech information that may impact website management, website quality issues, or other sub-themes of this website such as SEO for CMS. It contains tech info on servers, computing and Internet topics.

XAMPP Installation Guide - Part 1 - Official XAMPP docs
XAMPP Guide  - Part 2 - XAMPP Windows Manual
by A3webtech
The alternative XAMPP install guide. Installing the XAMPP server package on Windows - extended Windows install notes - troubleshooting MySQL initialisation issues.

Web Page Code Validation Guide
The background to code validation, and a brief guide to fixing code errors in HTML and xHTML.
Internet country codes and other TLDs
Net codes for all the countries - domain names / domain suffixes - alternative codes (alt. TLDs) - private TLDs - alt. roots - and other lists of domain name info.
A guide to installing a PC fan speed controller, and the various options you have in software and hardware.
A listing of all the HTTP status codes such as 404, 301 and so on.

Guide To Acronis True Image
You can rebuild your entire drive in one shot with Acronis TI - maybe in under an hour. No more installing Windows, programs, data and all that jive.
Installing sh404SEF for Joomla
How to install sh404 - what to do when sh404 install fails - if sh404 doesn't work.

Guide To htaccess Files
A brief run-through of how to use an htaccess file. Emphasis on htaccess for SEO, and htaccess for CMS.
How to construct a USB hard drive with an integral cooling fan, which is vital for any extended use as against temporary or short-term use.

Guide to FDISK
A step by step guide to FDISK, using it on a boot floppy, to format a hard disk or install partitions.

Speed up a slow PC
It's a common request so we laid out the ways to fix it.
How to set up a new PC or laptop
An article describing the procedures you can take to make sure that your new computer is safe to connect to the Internet the first time.

Managing disk partitions

An article on moving, creating and resizing hard disk partitions.

Linux vs Windows

Linux for Windows users, and why you might want to take it for a spin. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Best fonts for on-screen use
Which fonts are best for a web page? Your questions answered.

Double space after a full stop?
Should you have two spaces after a period - or not? Here's the low-down.

Social Bookmarks

Help us to help you - bookmark a page. A guide to social bookmarking.

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