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A Top Ten London SEO Agency

A3webtech are one of the top ten SEO agencies in London, England. We confidently state that claim as we believe we offer the best cost / result ratio obtainable, and therefore the best value for money you can find in UK SEO - or US SEO for that matter.

Our business is international, however, so we have a large proportion of clients in English-speaking countries such as the USA; plus some in German, French, Dutch and Portuguese speaking areas.

Our speciality is to place your website right at the top of the results, against the strongest competition, at a fraction of the cost our large corporate SEO rivals charge. Of course, we only employ ethical methods to do this. In addition, we work to ensure your website converts, which means to change visitors into buyers.

If you want an example of our skill, you need look no further than this website. It is probably the only 100% organic SEO agency-owned website in the world. The site has or had over 50 number one* search positions with the largest search engine, the majority of which are global (not local) results, on the .com global version of the search engine, not the local country version. There are a very large number of #1 to #4 search results for this site, especially if the UK versions of the search engines are used.
* If you would like to check this we can send you a zip file with dozens of screenshots of #1 search results for this site.

And the amazing thing about this is that we have never actively promoted this website, in the conventional sense:
  • we have never paid a cent for advertising;
  • we have never emailed or phoned another webmaster asking for a link;
  • we have never used any artificial link-building methods;
  • we have no directory listings (that we asked for or submitted to - there are one or two 'auto' listings);
  • we have comparatively few links;
  • the site PageRank is much lower than if we had driven this area (page rank is mainly based on link equity)

** [see update below]
This website is in effect a showpiece for 100% organic, ethical web resource testing - taken to an extraordinary degree of course; and unique in SEO in the UK and possibly the world. Because our work is mainly sourced elsewhere, from word of mouth referrals and online agencies, we have no need to drive this site to the maximum. It can therefore show off our ability to achieve amazing results with none of the normally utilised methods of promotion.

It would most likely be true to say that our site is the only one of its type in the SEO UK area, and SEO USA in addition. We have positioned clients at the top against very strong competition, but it's true that where clients are concerned, we work much harder on the normal types of visibility enhancements.

This type of result is only possible now because the largest search engine (and possibly others) is sophisticated enough that truly relevant sites are rated highly, as against those that have thousands of spam links and a big promotion budget that is unwisely spent. Is content finally king? It would seem so - though not for all search engines.

To measure whether or not an SEO agency is among the top ten in London (or anywhere else), you need to decide how to measure it. You could perhaps use size of business by number of staff; size by turnover volume; rating by satisfied customer number; rating by overall satisaction rating, independent of number of clients; rating by value for money; rating by observed skill; rating by cost v result; and perhaps other ways. We can't compete in size or volume, though we wouldn't want to. However, by any of the other ranking methods, we'll be placed very highly. As far as we know we offer the best value for money around - we know that we quote less than the opposition, we place a website higher in the results, we convert vistors better - and most of all, we earn site owners more money. And it's all done ethically and safely, with long-term persistent gains as a paramount requirement.

We think you will agree that we are one of the top ten SEO agencies in London - so why don't you put us to the test? We offer a full money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. This is especially true when you consider that our ethical methods - which we guarantee - cannot harm your business image or website viability in any way.

** Update
In January 2009 we decided to promote a specific work area on the site better, as our results were not as good as they could be. Our competitors have many thousands of spam links, and we need to compete in order to be seen. Search engines cannot always promote the best content, especially when the link v content pendulum has swung toward links as being the most important value factor for a page. Because of this our statements on 100% organic success can no longer apply. We will rewrite or adjust the page to fit the new circumstance.
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