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A3webtech are CMS implementers. We project-manage both commercial and open-source CMS implementations, and supply and support our highly-successful CMS-SEO solutions, which perform at the top level in search and in income generation. Our prime metric is quality, and this is reflected in all aspects from code that validates, onward.

SEO is one of the most important components of a commercial website's operation, as it needs to maximise revenues and this is impossible without good SEO. A CMS solution needs to perform well in this area or it will be a step backward. Modern website technology has several aims, and two of the most important are easy management by the owners and top-rate search performance. We ensure these aims are met in full.

The SEO advantage

Our unique advantage, which you will leverage, is that we are specialists in SEO for CMS. We are experts in both SEO and content management systems / ecommerce applications. We invented and named the term 'SEO for CMS', which you will now see across the web.

Our version of SEO is to prioritise major website quality improvements. Because of this, we always start out with the requirement that an installed solution must be of provable high quality. The foundation for this is web standards compliance and search friendliness. We would reject more than 50% of commercial offerings on the market as being below the necessary standards - and cost or popular reputation are not a factor here. Only our own standards are relevant, and those are the highest.

Commercial CMS implementation

In the case of commercial CMS applications we project manage, since implementation by ourselves is not an option. We can advise on the most suitable applications for the project, and we only recommend those suppliers with a proven high level of quality. Quality values may be applied to all areas of a content management system's functions, but should be based in the first instance on search engine compliance, accessibility score, and correct page code that validates successfully. We have no commercial affiliations and simply recommend the best solution for the task.

We thoroughly recommend that an enterprise having a CMS built should take one or both of the following actions:

1. Have the implementation project-managed by an independent consultant.
2. Have SEO consultants involved at the planning stage.

Point 1 concerns the fact that if you are not absolutely sure that you have the skills and knowledge to manage such a project in-house, you really need to be looking elsewhere for assistance. Such help can take several forms, from simple oversight to detailed assistance with specifications and supplier trials.

Point 2 refers to the fact that if you buy a CMS, build it, install it, and then present it to your search optimising consultants - they might just tell you that you made the wrong decision. That can be expensive.

Open-source CMS implementation

If the best solution is open-source or semi-commercial, we supply it or contract with better-qualified implementers for that particular application. We assist with engaging the suppliers, specifying and testing, and oversee the installation phase. Then, we work to ensure that the client achieves their online goals. You can see that we need to ensure absolute best-in-class performance for the technology supplied if we are to achieve our own aim, which is always quite simply: unbeatable results.

Commercial website owners now realise that results depend on search traffic, together with a fully-optimised, high-quality website. Therefore a modern search optimising process is needed to ensure maximum advantage. Modern ethical SEO is provably successful and the best long-term solution. If this component can be built in to the website technology in the first place, success is that much easier to achieve.

CMS specification

A CMS should be supplied to a detailed specification and warranty. The basis of this is the core function set required, which determines the range of applications to be considered; and the features needed, which narrows the field. Then custom features will figure. There are some important performance guarantees that need agreement. Hosting is a closely associated issue.

There are numerous points to be taken into account. The only definites in this area are that you will need a knowledge of current SEO best practice (which is not the same as that prevailing last year); experience of implementing numerous different CMS types; and experience of dealing with different CMS suppliers and website designers.

Then, you will have a chance of getting your specifications right, and the right CMS installed correctly.

CMS - SEO solutions

A3webtech supply and support tailored CMS-SEO packages. These have proved extremely successful and result in clients gaining global #1 to #4 positions on the largest search engine, and maximising their objectives. These top search positions are for their main site keyword, normally a two-word 'main category' keyphrase - not an obscure extended phrase. The solutions have proved successful in every respect, and all expectations have been fully realised.

These SEO - CMS solutions vary in any and all particulars, according to the task. The content management system may be open-source or commercial, and the search optimisation may prioritise direct sales or enterprise visibility. The only constant is that we choose the best application for the job.

We have no affiliations or commercial tie-ins in the CMS field, so we can always advise on the best website CMS application to suit the client - an advantage that should be appreciated. We look at the available open-source and commercial solutions that accord with the client's business goals and budget, and choose the best fit.

And unlike many in the SEO world, we don't act as hosting resellers, since that would never benefit our clients; we choose a range of hosts to place clients with because a one-size-fits-all solution is not appropriate.

This is a simple and ethical way to progress application and hosting choices, though of course unusual in our field.

We work with clients to determine current and future goals, then define and refine the options. When a decision has been made and we can go forward, the CMS is installed and content is migrated. An extended tuning phase follows, in which website operation and search optimising are refined further. We prefer to work quickly and try to ensure the shortest possible timescale from project conception to handover. The key to this is a clear understanding of goals and the best ways to achieve them.

Training, support and documentation are important factors in CMS website operation. We ensure these factors are fully covered; and all the solutions we supply are based on popular modern technology that can be fully supported by most dynamic-site website contractors.

A new direction

Perhaps, then, it's time for a change to your online business. Tired of your clunky old nineties-technology website? Tired of three-week lead times for webmaster content edits? Tired of continual web publisher bills? Tired of a #34 position on Goggle, Yoohoo and Bung - and no business?

Get in touch - let's talk CMS and SEO: achieving your online business goals with a modern, easily-managed Internet presence.

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