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A core factor in web business management is SEO - and a conservative, quality approach is preferable. Optimising the technical and visibility factors allows a web business to be visible on the internet, and without this error-removal and quality-improvement process, any marketing effort is only 50% complete. There is no foot traffic on the web, so unless you get this aspect right you are invisible. A main street store at least has passing trade, but on the web there is zero traffic to your site unless you engage partners to assist you, the most important of whom are the search engines.

Advertising is a substitute for visibility, but the problem is that as soon as funding stops, traffic stops. Web visibility on the other hand is a self-perpetuating source of business. A balanced project uses both. 

Business promotion on the web can therefore said to be partly organic (the technical and quality improvements that SEO brings), and partly synthetic (marketing campaigns). The proportion varies according to goals, budget, timing, and so forth - but a balance is needed. Without the technical work you will be severely handicapped, and without the marketing work you ignore a large proportion of revenue gains.

What is SEO ?

SEO, search engine optimising or just search optimising, is a core component of increasing website performance. In our view, when done correctly it should consist of quality improvements in all areas. It is an important factor in successful internet commerce or icommerce, and web business management is not possible without an expert appreciation of SEO issues. We view SEO as a complete process that includes all these technical, marketing and business factors:

  • domain management
  • resolving website technical problems
  • examining network factors
  • correcting server errors
  • correcting site code errors
  • improving website content
  • improving the presentation of content for visitors and for search
  • improving the visibility of the site
  • increasing targeted traffic to the website
  • improving the website architecture
  • improving the compliance of the site with search engine requirements
  • improving its presentation for sales
  • improving accessibility
  • tuning the usability of the site
  • marketing improvements
  • improving business image and reputation
  • strengthening the brand
  • engaging on business plans
  • improving website technology where necessary
There are many tasks to accomplish if we wish to increase website income to optimum values while ensuring that gains are persistent, and the search optimisation process is a key method for improving website performance and business reputation. We ensure that you derive maximum revenues from your web property, and our technical expertise and online business consultancy will help you solve your website income issues.  

Quality Improvements and SEO

Our main objective in the SEO area is simply a big improvement in Quality. This is the route we always employ in order to guarantee long-term success, and our vision of SEO is a major quality improvement in all areas. There are easier and quicker alternatives, of course: the most popular are to buy lots of cheap links, and to use cunning ploys within the code and content. We don't use that type of method.

As an example, this site has very few links, but if we write and publish a new page it will commonly go straight in at Google #1 for the page's theme in two weeks. For instance, we wrote a page titled SEO Legal Requirements on January 28th, and on February 11th it was at G.com #1 , even though it is not really relevant to this site's basic theme, which is web business management

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Search optimising

An important component of SEO is 'natural search' or 'organic search'. This means the ongoing application of logical, natural and scalable methods of increasing website visitor numbers year on year. In the beginning, search optimising consisted almost entirely of a focus on search traffic and marketing. This is no longer true - web visibility is a bigger task now, and due to the intense competition, factors such as usability are increasingly important. For this reason SEO or any of its associated terms like search optimisation are strictly speaking no longer correct - the process involves much more today. We must consider usability, accessibility, legal issues, SMO (social media optimisation), web technology, server security and icommerce issues.

We only use ethical methods combined with technical search - an aspect often neglected by search marketers. We believe that a core requirement of SEO services provision should be correct network, hosting and server configuration; an optimal core technical specification for search engine compliance; and a technical process for optimising a site and its environmental influences. Optimal technical and marketing factors combine to improve website income and reputation. 


A3webtech invented this concept and named it, in 2007. If you read the content on this website in depth, you will soon realise that we probably present the best resource on the Internet for SEO-based website Content Management System information. Our information on SEO for CMS, SEO for ecommerce, SEO hosting, SEO in web analytics and many other areas of website technology is invaluable.
Read more about our CMS - SEO bespoke solutions.

SEO for Ecommerce

While SEO for CMS can be rewarding at times, SEO for ecommerce is often very tough going. You have to know your web technology to make gains here, and some online stores are famously tricky to work with. For example, there was a case of a famous SEO firm engaged to improve results for a MivaMerchant site who failed miserably and were sacked as a result. At the same time as this, we had a client with a Miva store who had around ten global #1 or #2 search results for main market terms on the largest search engine. 
This demonstrates that marketing-based SEO staff are not competent to work with modern technology - dynamic site technical expertise is needed, and especially a familiarity with the ecommerce solution being used.

CMS and Ecommerce Implementers

We are web business specialists with a technical and SEO background. Because of this our CMS and ecommerce solutions have all the right factors built in, and perform from the word go.  

We can solve all your website problems including all aspects of project management for website construction: specification, website design, CMS implementation and ecommerce installations. We project-manage commercial CMS installs, and also supply our own specialist CMS - SEO solutions. These tailored packages result in the finest combination of standards-compliant, fully-validating modern website technology together with technically-advanced modern SEO, and have been extraordinarily successful. Every client has achieved worldwide #1 to #4 positions on the largest search engine, for their main two-word search term. We use the best choice of content management system for your web business, and combine it with our super-effective ethical SEO to create a superlative web income generating solution.

Why is business SEO important?

Without it, you are invisible on the web. However, gains need to be persistent - and this means that your approach should be conservative and based on quality improvement. Today, the server solutions used are so complex that marketers cannot work with the website technology now used. How will a marketer even identify that a server has an A-name error or an obscure htaccess fault - let alone fix it? How to fix an ItemID error? How to uninstall fully then reinstall a plugin that doesn't work correctly? Give a definitive answer on when a domain redirect is OK or not OK? 

This is why SEO staff need advanced technical knowledge - and 99.9% don't have it. And, in contrast, the technical staff that marketers resort to normally have zero appreciation of SEO issues, and cannot even understand why this would be important. It means that SEO for the most advanced modern sites often fails - meaning that site revenues are poorer than they should be - and you can clearly see the reasons why this happens.

Since a content management system or ecommerce solution must be specified and installed with SEO for CMS / ecommerce as a priority, it also follows that most installs are going to be sub-standard from the start. These pitfalls are easily avoided by contracting with people who actually know what the issues are and how to avoid them. At present, there are not many who are suitably qualified. 

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