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A3webtech's achievements are encapsulated in the principles used on this website, as described later. 

As usual - the first
We were the first specialist web business management contractors who do nothing else. All we do is manage web businesses. Note that we do not manage websites - we manage the entire business or web side of the business.

We were the first specialist web business management contractors to have an MBA-qualified business administrator, a database-driven web technology expert, a corporate accountant, and a corporate legal advisor on the staff. Without these personnel you cannot work on large modern web businesses - or even on modern start-ups.

Our history
Our two partners are business admin and web technology specialists. Our history therefore includes managing numerous businesses, and all aspects of web technology. From running B&M companies, building HTML websites, online journalism and online ecommerce in the 1990s, we concentrated on improving web results in the early 2000s, and found that SEO was a core factor for web revenue improvement. In the mid 2000s we were well-established as business, technology and quality-based SEO consultants. We developed several industry firsts and built the groundwork for our current business model: contract web business management. 

We no longer provide SEO services. 

List of firsts 
We were the first SEO firm to insist that quality improvement should be the foundation of all efforts. This is still a difficult concept for the web industry to grasp, and as the leaders here we are still way ahead of the field.

We were the first SEO firm to insist that web standards are important for any number of reasons. You will now see our opinions copied widely across the web. In some cases our text is simply copied and re-written.

We were the first SEO firm to insist that a purely marketing and promotion-based approach could not fully succeed where new web technology is beyond the grasp of the SEO staff. The old type of HTML page website could be worked on by anyone - but ecommerce and CMS sites are database-driven, meaning that the typical marketing-based SEO staffer is lost. An intimate knowledge of new web technology is therefore needed.

We invented the term SEO for CMS, which you will now see everywhere. We led the development of this aspect of modern SEO.

We invented the term micro-cms - to describe the new generation of blogging app-based publishing apps, when Wordpress started being used for this purpose. 

We were the first SEO firm to demonstrate that technology knowledge was crucial. As an example, a world-famous SEO firm failed dismally with a Miva Merchant ecommerce site, and was sacked. In contrast we had a client at that time with a Miva site, who had eight or more Google.com #1 positions for their products and dozens of top 4 places, which were tough main-market two-word terms. Knowledge of the technology is everything in the modern database-driven web world.

We were the first SEO firm to achieve a big increase in website results in the medium term, and persistent long-term gains, by using only ethical technology / organic methods.

Our technology-based SEO results were superb, and provided us with a great foundation for our web management division. This proved so successful we now concentrate on it exclusively.

What we can do
We can take a site with 8,000 visits a day and turn that into 80,000; build a site that gets 100,000 organic links without a penny being spent; build a site with hardly any links that beats 100 million other pages for competitive terms; and build an ecommerce site that gets emails from customers that say, "Your site is so much easier to use than the others", which is the absolute peak of achievement in an ecommerce site. We do all that without ever getting involved with spam links and cunning tricks - just quality, quality, quality.

We take our advanced dynamic site SEO knowledge and apply it to web business management. The results do not come in three months, but they are worth waiting for. 

Our unique website
This website was a testbed for an ultra-high quality, technology-based, organic SEO approach. We never spent a red cent on advertising, links, or any other form of promotion - yet we were still at the top of the search results and got plenty of business. 

How is that possible? A question many are still asking...

This website was the only successful 100% organic / ethical SEO agency-owned website in the world. There were no comparable examples of SEO agency sites, with hardly any links, with dozens of consistent Google #1 results, and where a new page would automatically go to #1 immediately. Without a single penny being spent on advertising, links, or any other synthetic promotion, the site had over fifty Google.com #1 positions, and thousands of top 4 results and other SE top positions. It's probably fair to say this level of performance was unique. It is still a very difficult concept for the industry to understand, since it was entirely based on a quality approach, as against a promotional / synthetic approach. 

If you say you can do something, you need to show the proof. What better way to do it than with your own company website? We rarely manage client websites in this 'purist' fashion of course, but we needed to show that the principles were valid. We achieved that - and more.


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