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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By using this website YOU AGREE that your use of the website is entirely governed by the provisions of the statements on this page.
If you do not agree then YOU MUST NOT USE this website.

Statement of Jurisdiction
This website is owned in, is hosted in, and operates in England. You agree that any disputes are resolved by the Courts of England.

This website is owned and operated by A3webtech. You can find full details of how to contact us on the About Us page.

Your use of this website or of the content published on it does not form a contract with A3webtech. You may use the content but at your own risk, and A3webtech does not accept any liability in any form for your use of the content. If you believe that the use of this content may adversely affect yourself or a third party, then you should not use this content.

Content of site
Content published on this website is provided in good faith but you agree that it is an opinion and not a statement of fact. A3webtech are not responsible for the accuracy of the content or the effect that using this content may have in your affairs. We advise you that the areas covered by this site cannot be described as hard science or indisputably factual, are subject to debate and individual judgement, and are subject to continual change. Descriptions or advice given herein are only valid on the publication date, and are solely and without exception a matter of opinion.

You may use the contents of this site as you see fit in your business or private affairs. You may not republish material from this site except with the following provisions:

1. Articles that are specifically and clearly marked as such at the head of the article may be republished as long as the hyperlink at the end of the article stays intact, and that links within the article stay intact.

2. Fair use: material may be used and republished as long as the following provisions are made:
a) Attribution is given and a hyperlink is given to the original page on this site. The link provided must be within the content or immediately adjacent to it.
b) A reasonable percentage of a page may be used, but in no case more than 500 words from any one page.
c) A reasonable number of pages may be used in this way, but in no case more than three (3) pages may be used on any one site.
d) You may apply for an exception and if granted by prior written consent from us then this shall be an agreed exception. An oral agreement is not valid.

The ownership of copyright of material on this site other than that generated by the site owners will be given on the page concerned.

Privacy policy
This website does not collect any information about you.

The server and/or hosts may collect information about you to which we have no access.

The server may issue a standard cookie to your browser such as is issued by all servers. We have no interest in this except for web analytics use. You may refuse the cookie or cookies but functionality of the site may be adversely affected.

Our web analytics applications may issue a cookie or cookies but we do not keep this information. Such cookies are used solely for statistical purposes on this website and we guarantee not to use any personalised information obtained in this way except within our web analytics, and for statistical purposes only, and that this information will be deleted once logged by our web analytics application, or within one month, whichever is later.

If you volunteer personal information, including your email address, while interacting with the site, we guarantee not to divulge or share that information with any third party except as demanded by law.

Accessibility policy
This website is designed and built in order to provide maximum accessibility for the majority at an acceptable cost. We specially use a modern CMS in order to achieve this. We maintain the site in such a way as to ensure that reasonable accessibility levels are achieved. If an error means that there are accessibility issues, or you believe that accessibility could be improved, then you must communicate this to us. We will attempt to rectify errors or improve the site.

The site has been tested in several popular browsers but we cannot guarantee correct operation in browsers to which we have no access. If you would like us to provide better functionality in a specific browser or website access device then please get in touch.

Ethical policy
A3webtech is a commercial venture that aims to make a profit by ethical means.

In all our business we try to take a course of action that means all parties are satisfied and neither party nor any third party is injured or suffers loss, except that we expect commercial rivals to be disadvantaged, but only by superior and ethical commercial tactics.

If you would like to advise us on how to improve this policy we welcome such advice.

Your opinion
If you believe that we can improve this website or the service we offer in any way, then we welcome such comment. If you believe that you have a reasonable complaint regarding our website then you should contact us in the first instance, to enable us to rectify the problem. You should ensure that a receipt of some kind is received, such as a Post Office receipt of delivery, or an email reply, which you should keep.

If you work for us

Work carried out for us
Any work performed for us will be governed by a written agreement covering the tasks to be undertaken, the fee to be paid, or an hourly rate instead. All work is covered by a written agreement, where no agreement exists no contract exists.

Work completed must be itemised and an invoice submitted to cover those completed tasks, at the pre-agreed rate. Please note that we do not pay for work that is not completed to our satisfaction, or for investigatory work, or for any other work. We do not pay for time spent learning or training.

If we work for you

Work we do for you
If we enter into a commercial relationship with you, to work for you or as a partner, then the terms of that relationship will be governed by agreements for that purpose. The content of this site, other than this page, will not be part of any such relationship unless specifically mentioned in an agreement.

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