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Your online business will benefit from professional web business managers in control. The safe, persistent increase of revenues is our core speciality.

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A3webtech specify and implement successful online stores with integral SEO. We know the technology and all the factors needed for sales success.
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Web Business Managers

A3webtech are specialist web business managers. We contract with you to run your online business and are paid through profit sharing or a flat fee.

Our service is available in two formats:

  • We take over the web business in its entirety, and allow you to move on to your next project.
  • Or, we run the web side of the business and you continue to operate the core business service.

There are several advantages to having professionals manage your online business, and the principal factors outlined in brief are:

  • The results are always going to be better because this is our core strength. Yours, on the other hand, is providing the products or service the business is based on.
  • We don't need to research what has to be done next. It's our daily business.
  • We don't need to ask what technology to use.
  • Online business planning requires a roadmap and numbers. Our technology and business specialists are used to putting their heads together on this.
  • What are the best ways to ensure growth online? We know the answers.

What does professional web business management cost ?

It actually costs very little because we increase revenue, and therefore our fees are commonly paid for out of profit gains. First year costs are the main expense. However, you also need to factor in the value of freeing-up your time, and most would agree that being able to walk away from something that takes several hours a day is so valuable it is priceless.

Actual fees vary according to the business turnover, since we charge a percentage of current profit and then a lower percentage of gains, or a flat fee where percentages are hard to calculate. The percentage varies downward with higher turnover. Because we are paid according to revenue, we have a vested interest in ensuring that gains are persistent. This is an important consideration because it is easy to raise revenue for six months by short-cut methods - after which there is a crash.

What types of online business can be managed ?

Most types are suitable. Our function varies according to the type of business: with an ecommerce website we run the web side of the business and the owner runs the logistics; with a forum website we manage all; with a CMS website we manage all aspects except some content provision.

The method is flexible since we want to take on as much as possible, while leaving you to manage the core service or product supply where that is required. In some cases the entire business can be managed, for example when revenue generation is derived from advertising alone. 


We only contract with one business in a given market in any one country. For the period of the contract, commonly from one to three years, we will only work with that client.


Detailed Explanations

How do you improve website income ?

In three areas:

  • We know the answers to all those questions that make web business owners scratch their heads. We don't have any research to do in order to move forward.
  • Business planning for an online business has some variations from the offline equivalent. Our MBA business manager, technology manager, corporate accountant and corporate counsel work together to maximise opportunities.
  • Our basic method is a quality improvement process. It's often hard for people to understand why this is important, but our core metric is quality measurement, and when standards improve, income rises.

Quality improvements come in all areas: planning, technology, marketing, usability, and SEO; and even this is entirely based on quality improvements. This systematic approach, or holistic if you prefer, is highly efficient.


Internet commerce or icommerce is the online business world, and managing it correctly requires a wide knowledge of online commerce and how the technology used affects it. Modern database-driven website technology, which need not be expensive, allows an enterprise to fully utilise the web business space. However, this business mode and the processes involved are best approached from a new perspective; technology and methods from the early 2000s are obsolete now.

Website Management

A3webtech provide a full web business management solution, with specialist experience of CMS and ecommerce websites. We supervise business planning and strategy implementation, website content and editorial, marketing, hosting, webmastering and domain management. Your web business will therefore benefit from a single-supplier solution. Because our service is comprehensive and effective, you can be assured of maximising your web income. Our web management service prioritises for organic web income growth with persistent annual gains, and this approach is unique.

Although we are particularly adept at management of CMS, ecommerce, and other dynamic (DB-driven) web businesses, of course we cater for traditional hand-coded sites. We can also offer expert advice and a smooth procedure for upgrading and migrating to CMS fileboomporn.com .

Website Technical Solutions

We aim to deliver affordable business assistance that will increase your sales beyond anything you can presently hope for. By taking care of the planning, strategy, traffic volume, sales process and web technology issues, we look after the business and technical  side, leaving you in charge of the core business. 

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We have no commercial affiliations with CMS or ecommerce technology suppliers, and provide
best-fit solutions as needed. If you have no
need of technology improvements but simply
need our web business expertise, than that's
fine of course. You might find you need to add servers to cope with increasing traffic, though, and we can help with multi-server and load-balancing issues. 
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Web Business Managers